Copper Roofs

Copper Roofs


Copper is a lightweight material which, when installed as your main roof, is highly benefitial as it does not put a lot of stress on the home’s internal structure. ¬†Other qualities that differentiate this material is its resistance to fire, hail and mildew.


Copper roofs, which have adorned the tops of buildings all over the world for centuries, have a long list of advantages. They are durable and lightweight, and you may have a weakness for that striking green patina that sets in after a few years. They stand tall against high winds and are even fire-resistant. Moreover, they can be measured to fit exactly over the roof, eliminating time-consuming and potentially wasteful cutting and trimming onsite.


Copper Roof Installation:


Often, a copper roof will outlast the structure it covers, and that roof is often purchased by salvage companies who will re-sell it to homebuilders or individuals. As with most roofing materials, the installation of a copper roof requires a certain degree of skill and training. Roof installers like copper, though, because it weighs much less than asphalt when in shingle form.


Over time, untreated copper gutters will acquire a patina, slowly turning Brown to greenish. The use of copper gutters is ancient, with evidence of copper roofing and gutters dating back thousands of years, and copper continues to be a very popular material for gutters.

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